The following are some essays that I have written over the years about various Craft-related subjects. They represent my opinion, and not necessarily those of the Craft at large. You may agree with them or not, but please respect my right to hold them. You may of course e-mail me if you would like to discuss or comment on any of these essays.

Teaching Wicca to Minors

A Creation Myth

The Charge of Sekhmet

The Fourth Face of the Goddess

The Degree System in Wicca

What is a Sacred Place?

Mom...I'm a Witch!

An Exercise in Introspection

Coven or Solitary, Which is for You

Alternative Sexuality

So You Want a Spell

Ritual Design

Creating Sacred Writings

The Warrior's Path: Pagans in the Military

The Need For Wiccan Clergy

Thoughts on Ethics and the Wiccan Rede

Love Spells

Some Thoughts on Teachers and Students

Personal Responsibility

Ancient Religion - Fact or Myth

Who's the Real Witch?

We Need to Come Out of The Closet

So You Want To Join a Coven

The "Job" Of Being a Priestess

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