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There are a good many people out there these days thinking and writing about the Craft: about what it is, about what it is not, and about what it ought to be. The various essays and other writings listed below were written by people who are not members of Tangled Moon Coven. These articles all make points which we feel are important to the Craft community, and which we think deserve to be more widely disseminated.

And while we're on this subject, we're always open to suggestions for additions to this page. If you know of an essay or article which you think would fit in with the other points of view we have included here, drop us an E-mail and let us know where to find it

Unless specifically noted otherwise, all material contained on this and any subsequent pages is copyright by the respective authors thereof, and is used here by their gracious permission. Regardless of how you may feel about the laws of copyright, as a matter of simple courtesy and respect to these authors you should not copy or repost any of this material without the expressed consent of the author. Remember, too, that the Threefold Law applies in this, as it does in all things.

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Ellen Cannon Reed is the former High Priestess of Coven of Sothistar, but she is best known to the esoteric community at large as the creator of The Witches' Tarot and the author of "The Heart of Wicca".

A Plea for Initiation Standards

Lady Setara, HPS of the Windblown Tradition and a practicing Witch in Seattle

The Abuse of Power

Judy Harrow, Founding HPS of the Protean Tradition of Witchcraft and an important voice in the modern Wiccan community

Only if None be Harmed - Getting Specific About Magical Ethics

An it Harm None: High Choice Ethics

Do What You Will: Best-Choice Values

Epona, Webmistress of Epona's Celtic Cauldron, an excellent site on Celtic Paganism.

Why Wicca is Not Inherently Celtic

Jenny Gibbons, has an M.A. in medieval history and minored in the history of the Great Hunt

Recent Developments in the Study of the Great European Witch Hunt

Jenett lives in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, where she will finish her Master's degree in Library and Information Science in May 2002. What free time she has left is devoted to her romantic partners, her cat, and her interests in online role-playing gaming, internet research, books of all kinds, and the general area of communication, learning, and how to teach other people to do all of the above. She's a former Catholic, currently leaning towards Wiccan practice, but waiting until she's nearly done with her studies before adding any further commitments to her life.

How Do I Know What To Believe? Critical Thinking and Pagan Books

Teaching Yourself How Not To Need A Recipe

Cat Chapin-Bishop lives among the lovely hills of New England. She is a faculty member and member of the advisor board at Cherry Hill Seminary

A Witch is Seldom Alone

Amber Laine Fisher is the author of "The Philosophy of Wicca and one of those who are spending time in serious thought on what Wicca is and where it is going.

Initiation and Dedication

Jet Blackthorn is a Third Degree Initiate of Wheel Dancing Teaching Tradition, and the founder of Dragon Clan Witchcraft. Among her other many activities Jet maintains an active message board, and also runs Dragon Clan's Witchcraft Lessons, an on-line teaching program.

Dualities - Seekers and Teachers

Ronald Hutton is a Professor of History and the University of Bristol and the current world expert on the history of modern Paganism. His books include "Triumph of the Moon - A History of Modern Pagan Witchcraft", "The Stations of the Sun - A History of the Ritual Year in Britain", "Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles", and "Witches, Druids and King Arthur"

The Neolithic Great Goddess: A Study in Modern Tradition

Wren Walker - Wren is a long time Pagan and one of the driving forces behind The Witches' Voice, one of the best Pagan websites on the Net.

Pagans and Self-Actualization

Sia is the coordinator of Full Circle Events, a non-profit organization which hosts, promotes, and organizes events for the Earthwise community in California. This essay appeared in the August 2005 issue of their newsletter.

It's a Mystery, Part 1: Dysfunctional Behavior and the Pagan Scene

It's a Mystery, Part II: Healthy Pagan Groups and Individuals

Jane Haddam is an author and sometime internet user who has written a valuable article about the problems found on many message boards. Her ideas are worth considering the next time you go to post.

Jane's Rules of the Road

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