The following are some resources for Wiccan practitioners to use in determining whether portions of their practice are in compliance with the laws of the area in which they reside and work, as well as some information on dealing with issues of religous harrassment. These are by no means a substitute for personal investigation into the legal complexities of your area, nor are they meant to constitute a practice of the law. Please use them as informational pieces only and do your homework or consult a lawyer if you are faced with a legal question of your own.

The Age of Majority

Marriage Laws of the Various States

Dealing With Religious Harrassment in the Workplace

Guide To Dealing With Police Harrassment

Military Chaplain's Handbook on Wicca

Dettmer vs Landon - Fourth Circuit Court decision that recognized Wicca as a valid spiritual path under the meaning of the law

Brown vs Board of Education -Ninth Circuit Court case that said the teaching of Witchcraft as a historic or cultural topic in the public schools is not a violation of the First Amendment.

Fleishpresser vs School District 200 - Seventh District Court case addressing teaching Witchcraft in the public Schools.

Hadeen vs Hadeen - Court of Appeals of Washington, District One - In custody proceedings, religion may be considered only to the extent that it poses a threat to the well-being of the child

American Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

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