Counseling For Wiccan Clergy

As Priests and Priestesses, we are often called upon to act as counselors and advisors to coveners, friends, and other Pagans. Many, if not most, Wiccan clergy come to this with little or no training in counseling skills. Furthermore, many mainstream forms of counseling are not conversant with our beliefs, and do not understand the role of magic and divination in counseling. The following are some resources to aid those of you in this position find some help and guidance in serving your community.

Celtic Button Lark's Counseling Tips

Lark's Red Flags - When Not To Be A Counselor

Dealing with the Unthinkable

Affirmations, Learning to Like Yourself Again

Counseling Basics for Wiccan Clergy - Judy Harrow and Gwen Harrow

Betweem Sanity and Madness - Oz

Spiritual Counseling and Wiccan Clergy - Cat Chapin-Bishop

When Trauma Strikes: The World Trade Center Terrorist Attack

Psychology of Religion Pages - Michael Nielsen, Ph.D.

Leaving the Underworld - Dealing with Those Who Self-Injure

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Last Updated April 8, 2006