At one time or another, many of us will attend a Pagan gathering of some sort. Hopefully, these events will be free of illness or injury..but anytime we are out in the natural world, there exists the potential need for medical assistance. Be it the insect bite, the burn from the campfire, an allergy attack, or psychological overload, there are many reasons why we might have to seek medical help.

Anyone organizing a Pagan gathering, be it for your coven or for a large group, should plan ahead to meet this kind of need. And that means starting early to find someone who can arrange for necessary care, and who has knowledge of basic first aid and medical skills to assist in the organization. My own first experience at being called to arrange for medical care came when I was asked to organize medical coverage for Merry Meet in 1993. The following includes some of the lessons learned there

Emergency Care Planning

Recommended First Aid Supplies

Emergency Response Plan

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Last Updated April 3, 1999