Greetings, my name is Lark, High Priestess of Tangled Moon Coven. I am as well a legal nurse consultant, a counselor, an Army veteran of 21 years, and a veteran of the Viet Nam war. Although I came late to finding a name for my path, it is one I have followed through many twists and turnings in the course of my life. And it is one I follow with great joy. I believe that everything we do, in circle or in our mundane life alike, is magical and full of the energy of the God and Goddess. My special areas of magical interest are creating magical rituals, poetry, and chant. I have written a number of chants used in Tangled Moon workings, and also the poetry found on the pages of this site. I work primarily with Sekhmet as my patron, and through her I am coming to understand my inner strengths and how to fight for what I believe. It is truly said that in our understanding of ourselves we come to understand the Gods, "for an ye find it not within yourself, you will surely never find it without."

Brock, my husband and High Priest, is also an Army veteran who joined me on my path and found it sang to his heart as well. He is the grounding energy and the steady strength at the heart of the Coven. And one of these days he will get to writing his own bio in here instead of letting me do it.

Grey Rabbit was elevated to her 3rd Degree at the Samhain 2005. She has actively led study groups both in Germany, Bosnia, Afganistan and Arizona. She is working now on her studies in herbalism and doing some teaching as well. And who there a daughter coven in her future???

Stehend Avec Mu-kwa (AKA SAM) also was initiated in the First Degree at Lammas 1999. His name celebrates the multiple branches of his heritage. He is currently beginning a study of Elemental Magics as his area of specialty and working on his Second Degree studies.

Tinne was initiated in the 1st Degree at Oestara 2001. He is now stationed, with his lovely wife and child, in Alaska and learning what it means to be a leader in his local Pagan community. We hope that he will return to see us again sometime in the future.

Darwin was elevated to the 1st Degree at Mabon 2001. She has worked hard at acheiving her goals and greatly deserved her Degree. Another of our Warrior maidens, we hope that she will stay with us awhile.

Dasypus received his 1st Degree initiation at Lammas 2004. He is already taking an active role both as circle guardian and as a teacher in our group. He and his wife Oracle are the proud parents of four lovely boys. He is currently studying for his Second Degree with Tangled Moon.

Oracle attained 1st Degree at Lammas 2004. She too has taken on students and has actively been designing and leading rituals for our Children's Circle. Oracle is busily working on her Second Degree.

Una was elevated to 1st Degree at Mabon 2004. She came a very long way to find herself with our group, and we are all very happy she did. Una is now undertaking her Second Degree studies.

Ta-Aket underwent initiation at 1st Degree in the October Dark Moon 2004. She is particularly interested in the healing crafts and pursuing her specialy studies in this area. She is currently pursuing both her 2nd Degree initiation and her Reiki studies.

Wild Rose received her 2nd Degree initiation at Beltane 2006. She has undergone much to reach this point, and she has learned a great deal about herself in doing so. We are proud of her and her achievements. She will be a wonderful leader in the Pagan community.

Raina received her 1st Degree initiation at Lammas 2005. She is actively pursuing her 2nd Degree studies and has recently undergone her Reiki attunement. She is also active in the AIDS awareness community where she is hoping to do volunteer work offering alternative healing to our local AIDS patients.

Aimne'ah received her 1st Degree initiation from the hands of Grey Rabbit at Samhain 2005. She is already taking on students and starting a group in the wilds of Michigan. We're glad to welcome her to our family.

Phoenix underwent her 1st Degree initiation at Beltane 2006. She worked hard to attain her initiation and earned every bit of it. Her name reflects the path that brought her here. We look forward to having her share her healing talents with all of us.

We have an active teaching program and are always open to new members, provided they are of legal age. If you think you might like to join our clan, please take a look at Who We Are for information on our program and how to contact us.

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Last updated April 28, 2006