At some point or other, many of us are faced with the decision as to whether to venture forth in Her service to teach and/or to lead a group. Sometimes the job is thrust upon us by friends and acquaintances who want us to teach them the ways of the Craft. Sometimes it is just a group of solitaries who decide to formalize their relationship into a coven structure. And sometimes there is an internal calling to reach out to others and provide a space where they can learn and worship in the old ways. Whatever the reason, it is a step that should be approached with due care and after considerable thought and introspection, for it is a step that will change you and all with whom you come in contact.

Leading a group should never be undertaken for reasons of self-agrandisement, that is not what we are about. To be a High Priest or High Priestess is hard work. It will place demands on your time, on your relationships, on the life you had planned. Take your time in making the decision. Read some of the resourses below, meditate, talk with your partner about how you will handle the demands of the position, consider honestly why you are making this step and whether you have the dedication to carry it through. Once you have done all this, if you still want to make that final step and become teacher and priest/ess, then may the blessings of the Lord and Lady go with you always.

Recommended Reading for Coven Leaders

"Covencraft" - Amber K

"Wicca Covens" - Judy Harrow

"Antagonists in the Church" - Kenneth C. Haugk

"The Heart of Wicca" - Ellen Cannon Reed

Articles on Coven Leadership

The Coven - By Julia Phillips

In Defense of Excellence - by Adrienne

Checklist for a Well-Working Group - Anon

Forming a Successful Magical Group - Lark

The "Job" of Being a Priestess - Lark

The Need for Wiccan Clergy - Lark

The Front Gate: Finding, Screening, and Orienting New Students - Judy Harrow and Brigantia Stone

Endings: Dealing with Departures and Dissolution of Pagan Groups - Judy Harrow and Brigantia Stone

Counseling Basics For Wiccan Clergy - Lark, Judy Harrow, and Gwynneth Cathyl-Harrow

Isaac Bonewits' Cult Identification Checklist - Isaac Bonewitz

Websites For Coven Leaders

Wild Ideas - The Temple

The Witches' Sabbats - Mike Nichols Homepage

The Witches' Voice

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