Oh, Triple Goddess

(Sung to the tune of the Navy Hymn)

Oh Maiden whose celestial bow
The heavens with stars did brightly sow.
Who bringeth forth the new sown grain,
The flowers of spring, the gentle rain.
Whose feet hath trod the barren earth,
And to the Spring hath given birth.

Oh Regal Mother, Queen of Light
Whose silvery orb bedecks the Night.
Ten thousand years men knew Thy fame
And worshipped Thee by many names:
Astarte, Isis, and Selene,
Demeter, Kali, Cerridwen.

Oh Ancient Wise One, dark-robed Crone,
We do not walk through Death alone,
For Thou art always by our side
To lead, to comfort, and to guide.
And when the time hath come on Earth,
Then Thou, oh Crone, shall grant rebirth.

Oh Triple Goddess, who of old
Mankind did high in honor hold,
Thy people gather in the night
To worship Thee in circled rite.
And now as in those days of your,
Thy blessings on Thy people pour.

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