Solstice Carol

Sung to the tune of O Little Town of Bethlehem

Oh regal Queen of Heaven,
Who crowns the wintery night.
Upon our fields and forests
Send down Thy silvery light.
For here Thy people gather
Within their circled ring
To welcome back their Lord of Light,
The newborn Solstice King.

Oh radient Child of Heaven
Thy face ablaze with light,
With Thine own shining glory
Night's shadows put to flight.
Armed with the sacred fire
He conquers Winter's reign,
And with his Lady by his side,
Brings Summer back again.

Our King that's born in winter
When darkest lies the night,
Behold the hills of morning
Crowned with his radiant light.
So gather now ye Wiccans
To usher in his rule.
Your voices ring, his praises sing
Around the fires of Yule

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Last Updated October 25, 1998
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