I am the Lady, Dark and Bright
Lady of magic and mystery
Queen of the Harvest, Queen of Light
I am the Lady, follow me!

I am the Maiden who guards the Gate,
I am the Mother who sets you free,
I am the Crone who weaves your fate,
I am the Lady follow me!

Wild as the Phoenix, flaming bright,
Calm as the waves on a summer sea,
Silver as moonbeams, Ebon as night,
I am the Lady, follow me!

Follow me neath the Moon above,
Dance with me through the standing stones.
Safe in the circle of my love,
Know that with me you are not alone.!

I am the Lady Dark and Bright,
Lady of magic and mytery.
Queen of the Harvest, Queen of Light
I am the Lady, follow me!

© Copyright, Lark 1994

Litha is the month of the Mother, she who is life-giver to all here below. Feel her presence in the burgeoning earth beneath your feet. Taste her kisses in the suculance of ripe berries, in grapes fresh from the vines. Know her in the quiet evenings, in mist upon a distant hill, in the sweet perfume of new-mown hay, wild roses and honeysuckle. The full moon climbs into a sky as dark and soft as velvet, her only herald the night birds calling from their nests. Stretch out upon the grass and let your mind and heart hear her voice in the stillness. Yet below the sweetness of summer, lies the knowledge that the year turns now towards winter. Each day to follow will be shorter now that that which came before. Remeber that this is a time of harvest to prepare for the cold months to come. What do you need to do now to prepare yourself? Think on the parable of the grasshopper and the ant. Which are you?.

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Last updated September 13, 1998