Imbolc Ritual

Cast the circle in the usual manner.

PRIESTESS: Brighde, shining Mother. You who are the fire of creation called forth by the shapers at their forge; you who are the spirit of inspiration that is writin in the flaming words of the poets; you who are the light which heals the darkness of the body, mind and spirit, come to us this night. Help us to banish the cold and darkness of our winter, and bring to us the promise of warmth, growth, and fertility. Failte' Brighde!

PRIEST: Mabon, bright youth, son of the great Mother. Harp player, word smith. You who are the are the light in our darkness that brings us peace and healing, that leads us into your new creation. Join with us now to banish the darkness of our winter, and bring us the promise of new life to come. Failte Mabon!;

Symbolic Great Rite.

PRIESTESS: We gather tonight to celebrate the feast of Imbolc. In the days of our ancestors, when they lived as family groups or clans upon the wild moors and in the deep forests of a land that would one day be called Britain or Ireland, time was marked by the passage of the sun and moon, and by the changes in the world around them. At Yule they gathered around the fires to call back the sun and prayed that the darkness would not swallow the earth. So slowly that at first none could tell the changes, the dawn came earlier and the sunset later each day. But still the winter held fast the land in its grip, and summer remained a distant memory. Then the Mother sent signs to the clans that life would begin anew. For Imbolc, which means "first milk" marked the season when the sheep and goats began to give birth and to let down their milk.

In celebration of this promise of new life, the clans did celebrate by cleansing and banishing the darkness of winter, sweeping away that which was not useful and lighting candles and lamps to brighten the darkness. Then into their homes they brought the Corn Bride in her bed and to her brought the Young Lord that life might be renewed upon the land.

Tonight we will celebrate like they, first by cleansing and banishing from our lives that which is no longer of use to us or which hinders us in our growth and prosperity. As we pass this broom one the next, cast off that which you no longer wish to keep and sweep it away from you you.

(Pass the broom widdershins around the circle, with each person mentally depositing
that which they no longer wish to keep into a pile which is swept to the center of the

CHANT: Now we banish Winter
Now we welcome Spring
Say farewell to all that's dead
And welcome each living thing

(Once all have done this. The Priestess will raise a cone of power with the image of fire which devours these useless things, and throught the fire transmutes them to energy which can be used for personal growth.)

: Spirits of Fire

PRIESTESS: Now welcome we to our hearts and homes La Eila Brighde and her Lord. Failte Brighde!! (Bring forth the Bride's bed and show it to all. Upon completion of the ritual, let each home take a sprig of wheat to place over their door)


CHANTS: Earth My Body
He is the Sun, She is the Rain

Farewell to the Lord & Lady

License to Depart

Take Down Circle:
: To Earth and to Water, To Fire and to Wind

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